It’s Not Too Late For Your Spring Cleaning

My neighbor was recently telling me how she didn’t have any of her spring cleaning to do list completed. If you’re in the same boat, there is still time to get your home and life organized in time for summer. Shoot, if you don’t get to giving you home and yard a good cleaning are you just going to let the weeds over take and wait until next year? That doesn’t make sense.

When I carry out my Spring Cleaning Spree I focus on a few main things;
getting rid of things, organization and my yard.

Getting Rid Of Things Is Simple

Have I used whatever object is in question this year at all? If I haven’t used an item in the last 6 months, it either gets put into the box for donations or it get put in a box to reevaluate in another 6 months, and if I haven’t used it by then I’m definitely taking it to Goodwill.

I Love Organizing

I could organize my way out of the third World War if I had to, but hopefully I won’t need to use my special super powers for anything like that. Being organized and having certain places for groups of items makes day to day living so much more pleasant. I’m not racing around trying to find my car keys or where I put the trash bags.

No Spring cleaning mission can be considered complete without a thorough organization of anything seen or unseen in cabinets, closets, dressers, pantry’s or garages.

Whip Your Yard Into Shape

You don’t need daily maintenance to your garden or landscape to have a clean looking yard. It doesn’t need to be difficult or back breaking to have a street view that makes your property look fitting of a landscaping award or the envy of all your neighbors.

Focus on getting rid of complex arrangements, weeds, shrubbery and trees. Our backyard had an overgrown tree that was trying to take down the side of our house and the hubby just made a quick phone call to our local tree experts to have them fix us right up. Not only does it look so much nicer, but I guess a bunch of branches banging up against the side of your house is a safety hazard and can damage the structure. So it was a good thing we got it handled.

More Spring Cleaning Ideas

Some people will think what I’ve outlined isn’t enough. Really? I doubt you reading this right now, have even thrown out the pair of pants you outgrew! Sorry, not sorry – I call it like it is. If you haven’t thrown out things, donated bags and boxes to a local thrift store, organized all the stuff that is overflowing from your drawers and cupboards and haven’t even raked your darn leaves; you need to go back and do all of those things now!

I love going to Pinterest for spring cleaning and organization ideas. It’s a great resource for finding new ingenious ways of doing things as well as people with similar interests as yourself. I highly recommend going over to Pinterest and signing up for a free account.

Go Paperless

I’m a big fan of trying to consciously go more and more paperless as possible. It will never be 100% so don’t worry if it seems like a daunting task – it would be if you were aiming for 100%. I’m aiming for the 20% that will give me 80% of my results. I love Pareto’s Principle.

If you haven’t heard of Evernote, you just have! It’s an amazing app that you can use on any device to store notes, take notes, capture voice memos, photos, business card scans and lists and more all in one place that is easily searchable and infinitely useful. I know it sounds like a big claim but there are so many people using it because it’s just so useful.

I use Evernote to scan my receipts, pay stubs, notes, recipes and more into Evernote where I can access them from my phone or my computer.

Daily Cleaning Ritual

Don’t feel like you have to go overboard here. If you do, you’re going to end up not cleaning tomorrow or the next day. Just aim for 10 minutes of cleaning, organizing or rearranging each day to stay on top of clutter and not feel like you have to do a deep spring cleaning. Best of luck!