Sun’s Out Gun’s Out: Get In Shape For Summer

Summer just isn’t the same if you’re not showing as much as skin as possible. If you haven’t been dieting down to your ideal body fat range, you better start now or you’re not going to feel fabulous enough to head to the beach, lounge by the pool or, heck, be seen dining out on a patio with a strapless summer dress.

You definitely want to know about my top 3 tips to get your body in shape for summer!

Here Are My Tips For Your Best Summer Body


1. Cut The Crap

Cut out the junk food and get 80% of your nutrients from whole food sources; the leaner the better. Most American’s today just on their couch with a snack: crackers, chips, cookies – you get the idea. And then they wonder why they don’t look like a super model. Ridiculous! You need to realize that what you eat is what you are. What you eat has an impact on how you look in the mirror and on the beach.

You should be eating heaps of vegetables, heaps of fruit and heaps of protein! We’re talking chicken, turkey, fish and eggs! These foods have amazing nutrients and minerals in them. They’re going to make you feel fuller for longer and they’re going to help you trim your waistline.

2. Get Active

It’s beautiful outside and we all should take advantage of it. Go for morning walks and listen to an audiobook, take your kids to the local park and run around, bring the dog along, there’s so much to do. I recently talked about local hikes you could do. Put you’re thinking cap on for a little bit and decide what types of things would be fun for you so that you build up the habit of doing 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day.

Most people are just sedentary for too much of the day. We go to the office, type away on a computer keyboard for 8 hours, come back home and relax on the couch, head to our bedroom to sleep in our bed. And we wonder why our body fat seems to pile up! Get moving! You have got to burn extra calories to burn off your excess fat!

3. Drink More Water

The majority of people I encounter are severely under hydrated. Also, the majority of people waste precious calories on crap like sodas and sugary juice beverages. Don’t even get me started on those energy drinks and the like.

If you drink water consistently, you will feel more energized, you’ll feel more alert, focused and refreshed, as well as feel more full and feel hungry less.

Drinking water is smart not only for your looks but for your overall health. So get to it. Pound a glass of water right now! What are you waiting for?

There Are No Shortcuts But Losing Fat Doesn’t Need To Be Hard

For the longest time I thought losing weight and looking good was only for the people that were born that way. And while those people do have a major advantage, any person can get the body they desire and they can get it in 6 or 12 weeks. All it takes is consistent effort, planning and persistence.

There’s some amazing resources online that cover this subject in greater detail than I can. Don’t stop reading here, have a look at what Mike from Muscle For Life has to say on the topic of losing fat.