Top Day Hike Locations In San Gabriel Valley

We are pretty spoiled that we have these amazing nature centric activities to do around Los Angeles. Even if you’re in the heart of downtown you can still make it to a trail head in less than an hour easy. With a square mileage of something like 500 miles there are numerous trails and hikes to choose from so it may be harder picking which one that it would be to even get there.


Due Diligence

You should check with each trail head though and check the parking situation. An Adventure Pass was required for parking at many places, but there’s been legal issues lately involving all of that stuff and I’m not sure on the current requirements. To be safe, bring some cash just in case for parking. If you are looking to purchase an Adventure Pass, you can get them from a ranger station at some parks or you can get them on their website.

LA Hikes

In the Los Angeles Area you have a few major hiking destinations. There is the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the Verdugo Mountains, the Santa Monica Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains.

In this article we are going to be covering hiking trails in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Hikes 5 Miles Or Less

  • Eaton Canyon Falls
  • Cooper Canyon Falls
  • Hermit Falls
  • Vetter Mountain
  • Crystal Lake

This is just a brief overview of the adventures that await you in the surrounding foothills and mountain ranges. You can find more detailed information