It’s Not Too Late For Your Spring Cleaning

My neighbor was recently telling me how she didn’t have any of her spring cleaning to do list completed. If you’re in the same boat, there is still time to get your home and life organized in time for summer. Shoot, if you don’t get to giving you home and yard a good cleaning are you just going to let the weeds over take and wait until next year? That doesn’t make sense.

When I carry out my Spring Cleaning Spree I focus on a few main things;
getting rid of things, organization and my yard.

Getting Rid Of Things Is Simple

Have I used whatever object is in question this year at all? If I haven’t used an item in the last 6 months, it either gets put into the box for donations or it get put in a box to reevaluate in another 6 months, and if I haven’t used it by then I’m definitely taking it to Goodwill.

I Love Organizing

I could organize my way out of the third World War if I had to, but hopefully I won’t need to use my special super powers for anything like that. Being organized and having certain places for groups of items makes day to day living so much more pleasant. I’m not racing around trying to find my car keys or where I put the trash bags.

No Spring cleaning mission can be considered complete without a thorough organization of anything seen or unseen in cabinets, closets, dressers, pantry’s or garages.

Whip Your Yard Into Shape

You don’t need daily maintenance to your garden or landscape to have a clean looking yard. It doesn’t need to be difficult or back breaking to have a street view that makes your property look fitting of a landscaping award or the envy of all your neighbors.

Focus on getting rid of complex arrangements, weeds, shrubbery and trees. Our backyard had an overgrown tree that was trying to take down the side of our house and the hubby just made a quick phone call to our local tree experts to have them fix us right up. Not only does it look so much nicer, but I guess a bunch of branches banging up against the side of your house is a safety hazard and can damage the structure. So it was a good thing we got it handled.

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A Shortlist Of Sites You Can Possibly Make Extra Money On

I wanted to earn a little extra side money somehow by using the internet. This is my shortlist of sites and services to experiment with and see if I can make any extra cash. I haven’t started with any of these.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a financial professional. Do not believe anything I say in this post. If you use any of this information, you’re doing so at your financial risk.


Like other surveying sites, you get paid for your opinions on DooYoo. After signing up on this site, you have to write product reviews. For each product that you review, you get paid a certain amount. Instead of writing about the specifications of the products focus on your personal experience with it. Write about things like whether you liked the product overall, would you purchase it again, etc.


You have probably heard of Kindle before, but what you might not be aware of is the fact that you can write and sell eBooks on it. There are a lot of people who do it, and if you have a way with words then you should consider


If listening to music isn’t something you would mind doing for earning money then Slicethepie is the site for you. You get paid for every song you listen to and rate. If you want to increase your earnings then by getting your friends to join this site, you will get more money.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a popular way of earning money if you have a blog. A lot of people are already making money from it, and if it sounds appealing to you, then you should give it a try too.


TextBroker is a site which lets you write content for ads. So if writing is something you aspire to make a profession out of then you should sign up on this site.


The 6th site to make it on this list is Swagbucks. This website is immensely popular in America and UK. Swagbucks lets you earn virtual money by completing some tasks online like completing surveys, looking at videos or doing searches on their search engine then you can trade the virtual money for Amazon gift cards, real money or credits. It’s a great way of earning yourself some pocket-money. However, it’s not going to make you rich or make you enough money to live off of. So instead of wasting time on social media, you can spend it on this site earning money.


This site is quite similar to the one mentioned above. It requires you to do pretty much the same tasks and lets you earn money that way. So if you think you can spend more time on the internet to make money, then you should sign up on both sites to increase your income.

There are brands and companies which want the information of their potential customers. Those companies pay websites like InboxDollars an amount of money to provide them with surveys. You get a commission for sharing your information by taking that survey. So it’s a win-win deal for both parties.


Custodian is an app which is free to install on your smartphone. All you have to do to earn money with this app is to view the adverts which it sends you. Due to devices which allow you to skip ads on television like TiVo, the target audience of brands doesn’t see a lot of ads which is why companies pay such apps or websites to reach out to people and make them view their ads.


With the help of this app, you can make money simply by checking prices and taking pictures of products. If you have always had a knack for investigation then here is your chance of making money by doing that. You have to go to stores, look at the prices of particular products and write a review on them. If this job sounds interesting to you, then you should give it a shot.

5 Tips on Hiring a Concrete Contractor

Remodeling a house is an exciting venture that entails careful consideration of all aspects to minimize any frustration and inconveniences. Start by finding the right person for the job, and you’ll surely escape the nightmares towards the fulfillment of your dream home. On the other hand, you may be looking into building a commercial space or enhancing your business place.

Concrete flooring is one of the most best choices for being cost-efficient yet exhibits an outstanding material that combines versatility, durability, quality, and aesthetics. The success of any concrete project lies in the hands of the best concrete contractor you can find. Here are 5 tips on hiring a concrete contractor before making this critical decision that can make a huge difference in the entire process and sure enough, the beautiful outcome you are anticipating:

1. Ask for Referrals

Talk to friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers whom you trust to see if they have used the same service before and have any recommendations. This will give you an idea of what their past experiences were, how they were treated, and if they were satisfied with the results. They might be open to the idea of showing you the finished project so you can gauge the quality of work incorporated in it. Surely, you will find out if they have had bad experiences and were not happy with a particular contractor.

2. Visit their Website

Search engine is where everyone typically looks nowadays, which is the most convenient way which easily fits the busy lifestyle. If you would choose to look for a Los Angeles concrete contractor over the internet, you will realize that there are so many companies, but not all of them provide high-quality services and its best to check out their official website and have a closer look at what they have to offer. They should have contact information readily available which make them easily within reach.

3. Get Estimates

contractor-smoothing-concreteUpon gathering your choices for Los Angeles concrete contractor services, give them a call or shoot an email. A good contractor will gladly answer your queries and provide you with an estimate at no cost. Talk to multiple contractors and compare the quotes you have been provided with so you can pick out the right company that will give you your money’s worth. Be wary though of those incredibly low rates, since they might be compromising the quality of their work or using cheap materials without you knowing it.


While the lowest bid isn’t the most desirable, it does not necessarily mean hiring the most expensive if you want to make certain of excellent work. There are contractors who can do a job well done and give you long-lasting benefits, if you just do your research and put in the extra effort of looking for the right one for you.

4. Do a Background Check

Check references, check with the Better Business Bureau, check for proper licenses, insurance, and business permit. This ensures that they are bound by law to do their duties and responsibilities. Also, before you proceed with any sort of construction work, always make it a point to check with the contractor and local authorities what kind of permits you have to obtain. These permits must be on hand prior to commencement of the project, and kept in a safe place as it pushes through until it is finally completed.

Having the necessary documents and other prerequisites also eliminate the risk of being held responsible in case an accident occurs within your property’s premises. This works for your own protection and peace of mind during the entire duration of your home or business project. Not only do you protect yourself, but your family, the Los Angeles concrete contractor and their workers too, by keeping everyone safe and secure.

5. Acquire a Written Agreement

Once you’ve come to an agreement, you must get it in writing and sign the contract. Never make any verbal agreements. This should not be any problem with a good Los Angeles concrete contractor who will provide it to you, inclusive of the description of their services from start to finish. They will also outline the materials to be utilized, warranties, costs, a timeline and set completion date, cleanup process, and the payment schedule. This way, you will know exactly what to expect and will not be faced with unwanted surprises along the way.

Bathroom Remodeling; How You Should Go about It

newly refinished bathtub

newly refinished bathtub

Bathroom remodeling is one of those home makeover ideas that can be relied on to give an amazing outlook which every homeowner is always after. To give a bathroom the desired look and functionality, this requires digging deeper on some of the design alternatives which are available out there in large numbers. There are many avenues through which remodeling ideas can be sourced and for instance a point or two can be picked from a neighbor or a friend who successfully managed to go over this kind of homemaker.

How successful renovations services will be are solely dependent on suitably identifying the areas that needs to be renovated as well as being able to source the suitable contractors within time. A thorough research can also be done to establish what areas you would love to have some great improvements being made.

One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an upgrade is by resurfacing your dirty old bathtub. As one of the most expensive items in the bathroom to replace, it makes sense to give your tub a fresh look with the help of a professional bathtub refinishing company. When my husband remodeled our bathroom he called up the guys at Los Angeles Bathtub Reglazing and enlisted their professional help.

Many people would associate any bathroom remodeling project with adding some beauty and décor. Well, this should be the case but not all remodeling ideas should be given this kind of an approach. How well are the bathroom utilities like water, electricity, air conditioning, sinks and some other facilities running?

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2015 Summer Music Concerts You Can’t Miss

All my friends refer to me as the music nut.

I love music and I love it even more when I can experience it live in concert.


Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the creative sounds of various artists. Here is a quick rundown of some shows I’m going to be trying to get to this summer.

Make Music Pasadena

I’ve been to this event a few years now, it’s always a good time. I mean, how can you go wrong with 30 different venues and 150 performances in the heart of beautiful Pasadena?

This is being held June 6 between 11 in the morning until 11 at night. It’s a great day full of music, street vendors and Old Pasadena charm. For a full list of performers just visit

Electric Daisy Carnival

If you’re in Las Vegas June 19-21 be prepared to see candy covered men and women in bright colored and eccentric clothing. This event is cool because unlike other festivals that are going on during the day, at EDC the performances happen between sunset and sunrise. Make sure to stay hydrated because while it is at night, you’re still in the desert in the summer.


This year music goers can look forward to the likes of Billy Joel, Mumford & Sons and more in Manchester, TN from June 11 thru June 14. This is one of the only festivals that could probably top Burning Man as it’s a 4 day camping experience in the Tennessee heat. Nobody will be able to say you’re not a dedicated music fan, once you’ve completed you’re first Bonnaroo experience.

There are so many more festivals during the Summer it’s almost ridiculous. Here’s a short list of some that you should definitely check out:

  • Newport Folk Festival
  • Lollapalooza
  • KCON
  • Riot Fest
  • TomorrowWorld
  • Austin City Limits


Sun’s Out Gun’s Out: Get In Shape For Summer

Summer just isn’t the same if you’re not showing as much as skin as possible. If you haven’t been dieting down to your ideal body fat range, you better start now or you’re not going to feel fabulous enough to head to the beach, lounge by the pool or, heck, be seen dining out on a patio with a strapless summer dress.

You definitely want to know about my top 3 tips to get your body in shape for summer!

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Top Day Hike Locations In San Gabriel Valley

We are pretty spoiled that we have these amazing nature centric activities to do around Los Angeles. Even if you’re in the heart of downtown you can still make it to a trail head in less than an hour easy. With a square mileage of something like 500 miles there are numerous trails and hikes to choose from so it may be harder picking which one that it would be to even get there.

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Let’s Play Ball!

It’s baseball season baby! I lllooovvvee baseball. It’s a great spring and summer past time.

I’ll always cherish the memories of hanging with family and friends while we enjoyed hot dogs and beer while watching a baseball game at a local bar or diamond.

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Introducing Kam’s Directory Finding You The Best Places To Enjoy Around LA

Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to share with you the hidden spots and secret adventures all over Los Angeles and beyond! Kam’s Directory will be the go to source for planning your next adventure, date night or day off. Stay tuned as we’re going to be introducing some awesome deals in the coming weeks!

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